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Den Publishing Company

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Origin Story

Imagine, your daughter comes to you - one month into Kindergarten and says, "Dad, I want to learn to read!" Surprised, but pleased, I purchased two books on Amazon (to remain nameless). One was making it too difficult. The other wasn't doing near enough.


​​So, I asked a friend of mine, how she taught her son to read. You see - he was reading on a second grade level, the year before (in my daughter's and his preschool class). My friend replied, "With three-letter words!" Note: we also had a letter-sound tape in the car.


At that moment, it dawned on me - if they knew three letter-sounds, they could read a three-letter word! So, I started putting pages together: letter-sound page, letter-sound page, reading page.  And it worked like a charm - in relatively short order, my daughter went from the alphabet to reading short-vowel books, and beyond. My Child's First Reading Book was born - which really was my child's first reading book!

-Nick J. DeCandia, Author & Founder, DPC*                  ​​*                *combined website             

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"You should publish it!"
-K.K., Parent of a Kindergartner



"It's great!"
-C.C., Parent of a Kindergartner



​"Thank you for such a great resource!"
-K.B., Kindergarten Teacher



​"The pictures are gorgeous. This is great..!
-W.G., Certified Reading Specialist



​"Andrew is having a ball!  He takes it to bed with him."
-J.H., Grandparent of a Four-Year Old​



​"Hannah already can't put it down!"
-M.B., Parent of a Kindergartner



​"That book is so very cute."
-S.W., Parent and former Montessori Preschool Director



​​ "I've looked it over (and my first thought was how well put together the book is)..."
-P.W., Aunt of a Preschooler



​"It is a great book and Nyah already loves reading out of it…"
-J.V., Parent of a Preschooler