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Imagine, your daughter comes to you - one month into Kindergarten and says, "Dad, I want to learn to read!"

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Alphabet to Phonics, Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Origin Story

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Let's Build a Reading Program!

When are you going to give

your child a leg up?

"You should publish it!"
-K.K., Parent of a Kindergartner



"It's great!"
-C.C., Parent of a Kindergartner





"The pictures are gorgeous. This is great..!
-W.G., Certified Reading Specialist





​"Hannah already can't put it down!"
-M.B., Parent of a Kindergartner





​​ "I've looked it over (and my first thought was how well put together the book is)..."
-P.W., Aunt of a Preschooler



​"It is a great book and Nyah already loves reading out of it…"
-J.V., Parent of a Preschooler



My Child's First Reading Book

Also a Coloring Book !


Simple - Tools to Walk Non-Readers to Readers

"Andrew is having a ball! He takes it to bed with him."  -J.H., Grandparent

Let's build a reading program around the building blocks to both reading and spelling. But let's also keep it interesting for students, with lots of cute pictures and easy to use for parents with short lessons and coloring pages!

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"Thank you for such a great resource!"  -K.B., Kindergarten Teacher