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Our program speaks to children on their level, with large pictures and letters and by providing the right tools to both reading and spelling.

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Imagine, your daughter comes to you - one month into Kindergarten and says, "Dad, I want to learn to read!"


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The Phonics Reading Book

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"You should publish it!"
-K.K., Parent of a Kindergartner


"It's great!"
-C.C., Parent of a Kindergartner




"Thank you for such a great resource!
-K.B., Kindergarten Teacher


Our program teaches the building blocks to both reading and spelling - letter sounds, and how to put those sounds together. Yes, this is a phonics-based program. Having said that, First Reading Book takes more of a whole language approach, on the actual reading pages themselves with non-hyphenated words there (examples: bat, cat, hat, sat, mat).  The other approach provides additional phonics help, via hyphenated words on the reading pages (eg. b-a-t, bat;  c-a-t, cat;  h-a-t, hat;  s-a-t, sat). This is covered in our book The Phonics Reading Book, via our site www.PhonicsReadingBook.comNote: if your child needs some additional work on the alphabet (a prerequisite), or can use some practice manipulating sounds in preparation for our phonics books, we recommend our book, The Alphabet Book with Pre-Phonics, via our site  Pre-Phonics for Preschoolers.



Benefits: (1) it gives your child a leg up; (2) it provides a bonding moment / a time that parent and child can share and can look back upon proudly; (3) it provides children with the tools not just for reading but for spelling as well; (4) it also gives them some fun in addition to learning in their day.

The right tools: would you like your child to have the right tools to successful reading and spelling from the start or would you like to leave the most important step in their education to chance?

Den Publishing Company

It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish In A Den!"
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Why?: honestly the author struggled terribly to learn to read. He remembered an elementary school teacher looking over his shoulder with the thought, "like why can't you just get this" without any breakdown of the building blocks [letter sounds]. He'd like to help others not struggle like he did because they'll have the right tools / the building blocks / the breakdown that he didn't have.

Hannah already can't put it down!

-M.B., Parent of a Kindergartner

Let's build a reading program around the building blocks to both reading and spelling. But let's also keep it interesting for students, with lots of cute pictures and easy to use for parents with short lessons and coloring pages!

Alphabet to Phonics, Volumes 1, 2 & 3

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Imagine you write a reading book that not only teaches your kindergartener to read, but it also gets high marks from all walks of the education community - parents, teachers, administrators, students, and even reading specialists !

The Alphabet & Pre-Phonics Book**​

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My Child's First Reading Book

"Andrew is having a ball! He takes it to bed with him."  -J.H., Grandparent